Key Features





Enables the user to collect telemetry data from Spectrum based managed switches, and stream it to external data collectors.

Device Management

Enables chassis discovery, health monitoring and running operations (reboot, software-upgrade) on managed systems

Device Provisioning

Enables the user to run commands on selected systems

Port & Device Monitoring

Enables the user to collect all managed switches ports traffic and error counters via the SNMP protocol

Ethernet Discovery

Enables the user to discover the managed devices’ connectivity via the LLDP protocol

Report Management

Enables the user to generate and save traffic counter graphs


Enables the user to receive notifications on the managed systems and the Mellanox NEO application, and enables the use to define rules for events triggering

Task and Job Management

Enables the user to centralize task running on managed switches, and enables tracking running and completed jobs in the system

Task Sequence

Enables the user to create and manage sequences of tasks which can be executed at any time

Running and Tracking Configuration Info

Enables the user to view the current running configuration of every managed switch system, and notifies the user of network configuration changes, summarizing all systems configuration changes


Provides a summary of the managed site’s traffic and events behavior

RoCE Dashboard

The RoCE Dashboard contains a snapshot of the RoCE related network state, including information on service state, traffic and events. RoCE services can also be added and managed from this dashboard.

What Just Happened (WJH)

A dashboard that contains information about packet drops in the fabric.

Network Mismatch Analysis

Notifying the user on a network configuration mismatch – for example: MTU mismatch, Mellanox Onyx mismatch

Topology Map

Enables the user to have a graphical view of managed network topology

Configuration Management

Enables the user to edit and apply running configuration files (Global Configuration), CLI files (Provisioning Templates) and to save/restore old running configurations (Network Snapshots).

Cable Information

Enables the user to present cable information of selected devices, ports and groups

NIC Capabilities

Enables the user to retrieve important information about managed Hosts Adapter Cards (HCAs)

Performance Monitoring

Enables the user to run performance checks between two hosts

Performance Health Check

Enables the user to run performance health tests between all managed hosts or for randomly selected hosts

Service View and Bring-up Wizard

Enables the user to apply selected network configurations and validate these configurations periodically

High Availability

Enables the user to use a cluster of nodes for high availability of network management

Cumulus Linux Support

Added support for Cumulus Linux network operating system operated over Mellanox switch systems

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