Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version

NVIDIA Quantum-2 Firmware Release Notes v31.2010.5108

The following table provides a list of bugs fixed in this version. For a list of bug fixed from previous versions, see Bug Fixes History.

Internal Ref.



Description: In QM9700 systems, when a transceiver module is plugged in when only one of the optic cables is connected (while the second cable is disconnected), the port LED may be incorrectly displayed on the disconnected side.

Keywords: Port LED, Optic Cables

Discovered in Version: 31.2010.4102

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.5108


Description: When operating in dynamic trees allocation mode, MAD error responses might be received in libsharp.

Keywords: sharp_am, libsharp

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.5108


Description: In rare cases that involve stress of traffic, unexpected hardware fast path behavior may occur, possibly leading to the switch firmware hanging when toggling the ports.

Keywords: Turbo Path

Discovered in Version: 31.2010.5002

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.5108

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