Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version

NVIDIA Quantum-2 Firmware Release Notes v31.2010.6064

The following table provides a list of bugs fixed in this version. For a list of bug fixed from previous versions, see Bug Fixes History.

Internal Ref.



Description: pFRN notification state machine got halted in busy-wait on all riscs due to inability to free TX credits.

Keywords: pFRN

Discovered in Version: 31.2010.3118

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.6064


Description: In some cases, pFRN configuration over multi-SWID caused out-of-bound access to an array and overran FLID configuration.

Keywords: pFRN

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.6064


Description: On rare occasions, the port might get stuck (in all speeds) during the link up flow when using optical modules.

Keywords: Port Link Up, Port Toggling, Optical Modules

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.6064


Description: Bandwidth is lower than expected on MMS4X00-NL-QP1 cable.

Keywords: MMS4X00-NL-QP1, Bandwidth

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.6064


Description: After a firmware update failure, the bad image was not erased.

Keywords: Installation, Firmware

Discovered in Version: 31.2010.2036

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.6064

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