Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version

NVIDIA Quantum-2 Firmware Release Notes v31.2010.6102

The following table provides a list of bugs fixed in this version. For a list of bug fixed from previous versions, see Bug Fixes History.

Internal Ref.



Description: Wrap-around of the time_since_last_clear counter caused incorrect reporting of counters on the port.

Keywords: Counters

Discovered in Version: 31.2010.3118

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.6102


Description: The flint burning firmware process might take longer than expected, possibly leading to timeouts in SM and logical links drops by the SM, which, in turn, may lead to failure of the flint burn command.

Keywords: SM, Timeout, Flint, Failure

Discovered in Version: 31.2010.6064

Fixed in Version: 31.2010.6102

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