Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version

NVIDIA Quantum Firmware Release Notes v27.2012.4036

This firmware version includes the following bug fixes. For a list of bug fixes from previous versions, please see Bug Fixes History.

Internal Ref.



Description: Sending pFRN packets to ports that were connected to themselves (loop), caused the switch hanged due to semaphore lock mismatch.

Keywords: pFRN

Discovered in Version: 27.2012.2108

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.4036




Description: Adjusted the PLL bandwidth to accommodate certain deviations in the switch link margins for improved resilience against temperature variations.

Keywords: PLL Bandwidth

Discovered in Version: 27.2010.1202

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.4036


Description: On rare occasions, following an event of port link down, the SHARP resources cleanup may fail.

Keywords: SHARP

Discovered in Version: 27.2012.2014

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.4006



Description: Illegal packets of a permissive LID (0xFFFF) and VL other than 15 were incorrectly configured to destined for port 0 and be proceeded by the switch firmware, which lead to overloading of the switch firmware.

Keywords: Checks

Discovered in Version: 27.2012.2108

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.4006

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