Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version

NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS

The following table provides a list of bugs fixed in this version. For a list of bug fixed from previous versions, see Bug Fixes History.

Internal Ref.



Description: Wrong RTT value is exposed under PRTL PRM.

Keywords: Registers, RTT Value

Discovered in Version: 27.2010.6064

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.1010


Description: When trying to choose the threshold for the Fast Recovery feature (BER Config), it is possible that threshold 0 will be loaded.

Keywords: Fast Recovery, BER Configuration

Discovered in Version: 27.2010.6064

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.1010


Description: When using ibdiagnet, an incorrect module alarm type was reported.

Keywords: ibdiagnet, Module Temperature Alarm Type

Discovered in Version: 27.2010.5108

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.1010


Description: At times, the link gets stuck due to unresponsive peer having very high BER.

Keywords: BER

Discovered in Version: 27.2010.2110

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.1010


Description: On some occasions, if a peer's port resets or is physically toggled, the port may be reported as unhealthy due to BER threshold crossing.

Keywords: Port, Reboot, BER

Discovered in Version: 27.2010.6102

Fixed in Version: 27.2012.1010

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