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Resource domain is a verb object that may be associated with a QP and CQ objects upon creation to enhance data-path performance.

Resource Domain Experimental Verbs

  • Ibv_exp_create_res_domain
  • Ibv_exp_destroy_res_domain
  • Ibv_exp_create_qp
    • ibv_exp_res_domain
  • ibv_exp_query_device
    • max_ctx_res_domain
  • ibv_exp_create_cq
    • ibv_exp_res_domain
  • ibv_exp_create_wq
    • ibv_exp_res_domain

Resource Domain Experimental Capabilities


Resource Domain RDMA-Core Verbs

  • ibv_alloc_td
  • ibv_alloc_parent_domain
  • ibv_dealloc_pd

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