Inline Receive

Migration to RDMA-Core-v1.0

When Inline-Receive is active, the HCA may write received data in to the receive WQE or CQE. Using Inline-Receive saves PCIe read transaction since the HCA does not need to read the scatter list, therefore it improves performance in case of short receive –messages. On poll CQ, the driver copies the received data from WQE/CQE to the user’s buffers. Therefore, apart from querying Inline-Receive capability and Inline-Receive activation the feature is transparent to user application.

  • ibv_exp_query_device

    • inline_recv_size

  • ibv_exp_create_qp

    • max_inl_recv

  • ibv_exp_create_dct

    • inline_size


  • mlx5dv_create_qp


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