Migration to RDMA-Core-v1.0

NVIDIA PeerDirect™ Async sub-system gives PeerDirect hardware devices, such as GPU cards, dedicated AS accelerators, and so forth, the ability to take control over HCA in critical path offloading CPU. To achieve this, there is a set of verb calls and structures providing application with abstract description of operation sequences intended to be executed by peer device.

  • ibv_exp_create_cq

    • ibv_exp_peer_direct_attr

  • ibv_exp_create_qp

    • ibv_exp_peer_direct_attr

  • ibv_exp_peer_commit_qp

  • ibv_exp_rollback_qp

  • ibv_exp_peer_peek_cq

  • ibv_exp_peer_abort_peek_cq

  • Any verb in the header file peer_ops.h


This feature is currently not supported by RDMA-Core.

For further information, please contact Support.

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