RHEL NIC Qualification

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.3 Driver Documentation

The following RHEL and NIC combinations successfully passed RHEL NIC qualification covering OVS functional, OVS non-offload, OVS-offload, and OVS-DPDK:

Adapter Cards

RHEL Versions

ConnectX-4 Lx, ConnectX-5

RHEL 9.0–9.x

ConnectX-5 Ex

RHEL 9.0–9.x


RHEL 9.0–9.x

ConnectX-6 Lx

RHEL 9.0–9.x


RHEL 9.0–9.x


For more details, see the Red Hat page “Network Adapter Fast Datapath Feature Support Matrix” at access.redhat.com/articles/3538141.

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