Bug Fixes in this Version

NVIDIA Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP) Rev 3.4.0

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Description: Fixed an issue in libsharp where it failed to respond to messages from the SM while searching for Service Records, causing the SM to print timeout messages.

Keywords: sharp_am; openSM

Discovered in Version: 3.1.0

Fixed in Release: 3.4.0


Description: Fixed the issue where sharp_am did not handle hypercube topologies well, causing it to incorrectly treat different switches as duplicates.

Keywords: sharp_am; hypercube

Discovered in Version: 3.3.0

Fixed in Release: 3.4.0


Description: Fixed the issue in sharp_am where excessive log messages were printed for each disconnected or restarted compute host. Now, the information is printed in a consolidated manner in the form of summaries of disconnected hosts or a list of those hosts in a single log message.

However, for more comprehensive details, the complete list of hosts is still available and printed at the DEBUG level.

Keywords: sharp_am

Discovered in Version: 3.3.0

Fixed in Release: 3.4.0

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