Operating NVIDIA SHARP with PKeys


SHARP can operate in a system that has either a single static special PKey or a system that dynamically allocates PKeys.

Use this method when SHARP is intended to operate exclusively on a single known PKey. To implement this, adjust the ib_qpc_pkey field to the desired PKey value in the SHARP configuration file. Remember to ensure the membership bit is properly set, which entails setting both bit 0x8000 and the corresponding pkey value at all times.

SHARP, when operating from the UFM management host, enables dynamic declaration of PKeys.
This feature is facilitated by the reservation_mode config parameter mentioned in SHARP Application Awareness section. Configuring SHARP to operate in reservation_mode via the UFM config file allows UFM to relay PKeys information to SHARP.

  • To enable this functionality, make sure to set the following parameter in the UFM gv.cfg file:
    sharp_allocation_enabled = true

  • Restart UFM to apply the updated settings.

Note that any creation, removal, or modification of PKeys should be performed using the UFM PKeys REST-API, detailed here.

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