Software Management

The SN5000 series switches are available out of the factory in two different flavors:

  • Pre-installed with NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, that is providing a rich routing functionality for large-scale applications. For Cumulus Linux software management instructions, refer to the Cumulus Linux User Guide.

  • Bare metal including ONIE image, installable with any ONIE-mounted OS.

Cumulus Linux Software Upgrade

For Cumulus Linux software upgrade instructions, see Upgrading Cumulus Linux in the Cumulus Linux User Guide.

SONiC Software Upgrade

For SONiC software upgrade instructions, log into the NVIDIA Enterprise Support Portal, and go to Downloads → Switches and Gateways → Switch Software → SONiC → Documentation Tab.

Switch Firmware Update

The systems do not require firmware updating. Firmware updating is done through the management software.

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