Known Issues

NVIDIA UEFI Release Notes v14.29.15 LTS

The following is a list of general limitations and known issues of the various components of this UEFI release.

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Description: NVMe UEFI driver is not supported on Dell R720 BIOS version 2.9.0 as the BIOS does not support reporting valid Device Handle from EfiLoadedImagePortocol and always returns NULL.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: DELL R720, NVME UEFI

Discovered in Version: 14.24.13 (20.1.3 UEFI NVMe)


Description: On a BlueField device operating in Embedded CPU mode, PXE driver will fail to boot as long as the Arm side is not fully loaded and the OVS bridge is not configured.

Workaround: Configure the UEFI BIOS to perform boot retires in order to wait for the Arm to come up.

If the BIOS does not support retries, perform a warm reboot on the host side and reboot via the device when the Arm is up and the OVS bridge is configured.

Keywords: Embedded CPU, PXE, UEFI, Arm

Discovered in Version: 14.23.17


Description: In BlueField-2 x86 host side, the UEFI driver of the Virtio Net emulation device will not be loaded and the Virtio Net UEFI device will not be visible as a boot option before the Virtio-Net Controller on the Arm side is started.

Workaround: Start the Virtio-Net controller on the Arm side and then run warm reboot on the host side to load the Virtio-Net UEFI driver.

Keywords: Virito-Net, UEFI, boot

Discovered in Version: 14.20.19


Description: A mismatch in NumberVFAdvertised between the HII and the mlxconfig because in HII, the minimum value is set to 1 and in some adapter cards its value is set to 0 by the mlxconfig.

Note: When setting this attribute by mlxconfig to 0, the HII will not show it, but instead it will show the default value.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: NumberVFAdvertised, HII, Mlxconfig

Discovered in Version: 14.20.19


Description: PXE boot will not function if the adapter card is connected to a Mellanox Quantum™ based switch over an HDR fiber optical cable or a copper splitter because EDR and SDR speeds will not function.

Workaround: Set KEEP_LINK_UP_ON_BOOT configuration to enable via mlxconfig.

For further information please contact Mellanox Support.

Keywords: IB, Link Speed , Link Down, SDR , optical cable

Discovered in Version: 14.20.19


Description: The IB link will appear as disconnected in HII menu as long as the BIOS has not initialize the UNDI protocol which is necessary to query for the IB link status.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: HII, Link Status, IB mode

Discovered in Version: 14.18.19


Description: In Secure Host mode, the Hii protocol will be “read only”, changes will not be applied and it may cause unknown behavior.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Secure Host mode, Hii protocol

Discovered in Version: 14.15.19


Description: UEFI driver is not supported on Supermicro X9DEW (BIOS version 3.0c).

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: BIOS, Supermicro X9DEW


Description: Burning the UEFI driver will remove the Flexboot driver (Legacy BIOS driver) from the firmware.

Workaround: As of firmware ConnecX-4/Lx/5 v12/14/16.22.1002, UEFI is pre-compiled for various adapter cards and can be enabled using mlxconfig.

For the full list of OPNs supporting this new capability, see firmware Release Notes.

Keywords: UEFI burning, Flexboot

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