Bug Fixes in This Release

NVIDIA UFM Cyber-AI Documentation v2.2.1

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Description: Fixed issue with "list index out-of-range" exception in machine-learning-hourly job

Keywords: List index out-of-range; Machine-learning-hourly job

Discovered in Release: 2.2.1


Description: Excluded BER counter for distribution compare as its value is very small

Keywords: BER Counter; Distribution Compare

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: Excluded corrupted rows with influencer name "nothing" in the cable alert files

Keywords: Cable Alert Files

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: The default (mixed) model is not used when running the machine-learning-hourly job

Keywords: Machine-learning-hourly job; Mixed model

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0

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