Bug Fixes in This Release

NVIDIA UFM Cyber-AI Documentation v2.4.0

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Description: Updating cables telemetry data fails due to negative values from CollectX

Keywords: Cables, Telemetry, CollectX

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0


Description: Cyber-AI fails to start on RH as the 'cgroup' file in the container has a different format

Keywords: Start, RH, Container, Cgroup

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0


Description: Error in machine learning weekly jobs as the progress must be between 0 and 100, but 102 is given

Keywords: Machine Learning, job, progress

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0


Description: Error in Cyber-AI health check when checking log rotate and some archived files were deleted

Keywords: Health, Log Rotate, Archived

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0

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