Bug Fixes History

NVIDIA UFM Cyber-AI Documentation v2.8.0

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Description: Fixed issue with Anomaly Analysis page

Keywords: Anomaly, Analysis

Discovered in release: 2.6.0


Description: After upgrading UFM new telemetry data is not being collected and presented in UI Telemetry tab.

Keywords: Telemetry, Coredump

Discovered in release: 2.5.0


Description: Fixed database exception pop-up when inserting link anomaly.

Keywords: Database, Link Anomaly

Discovered in Release:  2.4.0


Description: Rectified Analytics job files cleanup issue.

Keywords: Analytics Job, Cleanup, File

Discovered in Release: 2.4.0


Description: Added names of stuck jobs to the Cyber-AI status mail.

Keywords: Status Mail, Stuck Jobs

Discovered in Release: 2.4.0


Description: Fixed the last-fail-time and last-run displayed in the job status report table.

Keywords: last-fail-time, Jobs, Status Report

Discovered in Release: 2.4.0 


Description: Fixed Cable daily job failure due to infinity value set in the cable info file.

Keywords: Cable Daily Job, Infinity Value, Cable Info File

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0


Description: Fixed issues in Crypto aggregation jobs while generating mining events.

Keywords: Crypto Aggregation Jobs, Mining Events

Discovered in Release: 2.4.0


Description: Updating cables telemetry data fails due to negative values from CollectX

Keywords: Cables, Telemetry, CollectX

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0


Description: Cyber-AI fails to start on RH as the 'cgroup' file in the container has a different format

Keywords: Start, RH, Container, Cgroup

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0


Description: Error in machine learning weekly jobs as the progress must be between 0 and 100, but 102 is given

Keywords: Machine Learning, job, progress

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0


Description: Error in Cyber-AI health check when checking log rotate and some archived files were deleted

Keywords: Health, Log Rotate, Archived

Discovered in Release: 2.3.0


Description: Error when collecting link failure alerts

Keywords: Link Failure, Alerts

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: The dow analytic job performs unnecessary cleanup of collected system files

Keywords: Dow, Analytic Job, Cleanup, System Files

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: The model column is empty in specific nodes in topology file

Keywords: Model, Topology File, Empty column

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: Dashboard scale represents wrong values on graphs

Keywords: Dashboard Scale, Graphs

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: Delay of weekly jobs schedule due to Cyber-AI restart

Keywords: Weekly Jobs, Delay

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: Cyber-AI scheduler keeps getting stuck

Keywords: Cyber-AI, Scheduler

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: Sorted cable status by length in the "Cable Analysis" page

Keywords: Cable Analysis, Cable Status by Length

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: Removed License Info warning following Cyber-AI start and initial configuration

Keywords: License Info, Installation, Warning

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: Fixed issue with "list index out-of-range" exception in machine-learning-hourly job

Keywords: List index out-of-range; Machine-learning-hourly job

Discovered in Release: 2.2.1


Description: Excluded BER counter for distribution compare as its value is very small

Keywords: BER Counter; Distribution Compare

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: Excluded corrupted rows with influencer name "nothing" in the cable alert files

Keywords: Cable Alert Files

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0


Description: The default (mixed) model is not used when running the machine-learning-hourly job

Keywords: Machine-learning-hourly job; Mixed model

Discovered in Release: 2.2.0

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