This manual is intended for system administrators responsible for the installation, configuration, management and maintenance of the software and hardware of UFM Enterprise Appliance. NVIDIA® UFM® Enterprise Appliance is a powerful platform for managing InfiniBand scale-out computing environments.

UFM provides a central management console, including the following main features:

  • Pluggable platform for advanced functionality and third-party plugins

  • Fabric dashboard including congestion detection and analysis

  • Advanced real-time health and performance monitoring

  • Fabric health reports

  • Threshold-based alerts

  • Fabric segmentation/isolation

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Routing optimizations

  • Central device management

  • Task automation

  • Logging

  • High availability

  • Daily Report: Statistical information of the fabric during the last 24 hours

  • Event management

  • Client certificate authentication

  • Chassis health monitoring

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