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NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Software User Manual v1.3.0

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Description: Enabling a port for a managed switch fails in case that port is not disabled in a persistent way (this may occur in ports that were disabled in previous versions of UFM Enterprise Appliance v1.3.0)

Workaround: Set "persistent_port_operation=false” in gv.cfg to use non-persistent (legacy) disabling or enabling of the port. UFM restart is required.

Keywords: Disable, Enable, Port, Persistent


Description:  Failover to another port (multi-port SM) will not work as expected in case UFM was deployed as a docker container

Workaround: Failover to another port (multi-port SM) works properly on UFM Bare-metal deployments

Keywords: Failover to another port, Multi-port SM


Description: Replacement of defected nodes in the HA cluster does not work when PCS version is 0.9.x

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Defected Node, HA Cluster, pcs version


Description: UFM-HA: If the back-to-back interface is disabled or disconnected, the HA cluster will enter a split-brain state, and the "ufm_ha_cluster status" command will stop functioning properly.

Workaround: To resolve the issue:

  1. Connect or enable the back-to-back interface

  2. Run


    pcs cluster start --all

  3. Follow instructions in Split-Brain Recovery in HA Installation.

Keywords: HA, Back-to-back Interface

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