Changes and New Features

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Software User Manual v1.3.1



Command Line Interface (CLI)

Added support for Command Line Interface (CLI) for initial configuration of the appliance

UFM Initial Settings

Removed the requirement to set the IPoIB address to the main IB interface used by UFM/SM (gv.cfg → fabric_interface). Refer to Configuring the Fabric Interface.

UFM Package

Integrated with UFM version 6.12.1

UFM HA Package

Integrated with UFM HA version 5.0.1

Improved UFM HA configuration by setting UFM HA nodes using IP addresses only (removed the need of using hostnames and sync interface names)

UFM Logical Elements

UFM Logical Elements (Environments, Logical Servers, Networks) views are no longer available

UFM OS Package

Integrated with UFM OS version 2.1.7

MFT Package

Integrated with MFT version 4.23.0-104

For UFM Enterprise Changes and New Features, please refer to the UFM Enterprise User Manual.

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