Bug Fixes in This Release

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Software User Manual v1.4.2

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Description: Rectified inability to upload an image or certificate using user admin

Keywords: Image, Certificate, SCP

Discovered in Release: 1.4.0


Description: Rectified inability to add multiple NTP servers.

Keywords: NTP Server

Discovered in Release: 1.4.0


Description: Fixed UFM version update in /etc/ufm-release upon manual upgrade of UFM CLI

Keywords: UFM CLI version, Update

Discovered in Release: 1.4.0


Description: Rectified inability to modify UFM user password

Keywords: User Password, Update, Fail

Discovered in Release: 1.3.1


Description: When using the Dynamic Telemetry API to create a new telemetry instance, the log rotation mechanism will not be applied for the newly generated logs of the UFM Telemetry instance

Keywords: Dynamic, Telemetry, Log-rotate

Discovered in Release: 1.4.0


Description: Fixed Client CTRL+C server disruption

Keywords: Client CTRL+C, Server functionality

Discovered in Release: Rest Over RDMA Image 1.0.0-21


Description: Fixed improper functionality of UFM UI Dashboard

Keywords: UI Dashboard

Discovered in Release: 1.2.0


Description: Fixed UFM Health configuration for periodic restarts of the telemetry

Keywords: UFM Health, Telemetry, Periodic restarts

Discovered in Release: 1.2.1


Description: UFM System Dump cannot be extracted from UFM 3.0 Enterprise Appliance host when running in high-availability mode.

Keywords:  System Dump, High-Availability

Discovered in Release: 1.3.1


Description: The network fast recovery configuration (/opt/ufm/files/conf/opensm/fast_recovery.conf) is missing when UFM is deployed in Docker Container mode.

Keywords: Network Fast Recovery; Docket Container; Missing Configuration

Discovered in Release: 1.4.0

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