Configuring the Appliance for the First Time

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Software User Manual v1.5.1

The NVIDIA® UFM® Enterprise Appliance has multiple Ethernet management interfaces. The primary management interface is eno8303. The MAC address for eno8303 is available on the pull tab and can be configured in the DHCP server. To use the remote management controller with DHCP, the free-range IP allocation must be enabled on the DHCP server.

The appliance supports a direct connection via a serial port.

For instructions on how to configure the management interface, please refer to Configuring the Appliance.


As of UFM Enterprise Appliance v1.3.0 (UFM Enterprise v6.12.0), configuring the fabric interface is optional.

The NVIDIA® UFM® Enterprise Appliance has multiple InfiniBand interfaces. The primary interface is ib0.

Configure a static IPoIB with Network service (create the file /etc/network/interfaces.d/ifcfg-ib0 and run ifup ib0).

Example of ifcfg-ib0 file definition:


auto ib0 iface ib0 inet static address netmask broadcast

For more details on how to configure the UFM Enterprise, please refer to UFM Enterprise Initial Configuration.

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