Changes and New Features

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Software User Manual v1.6.1




Added support for AAA TACACS+ For more information, please refer to Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA).

Added support for three TACACS+ servers for AAA - with fallback or weighted priority.

Added per command authorization AAA TACACS+ support

Added IPv6 TACACS server support

Added TACACS+ CLI command to allow the TACACS+ functionality. For more information, refer to TACACAS+.

CLI Commands

Added the following CLI commands:

  • In Routing:

    • show {ip | ipv6} route

    • show {ip | ipv6} default-gateway

  • In AAA Methods :

    • aaa authentication login default

    • show aaa

  • In TACACAS+ :

    • tacacs-server

    • tacacs-server host

    • show tacacs

  • In Chassis Management:

    • show files system

    • show resources

  • In UFM License :

    • ufm license install

    • ufm license delete

    • show ufm license

    • show files ufm-license

  • In UFM Configuration Management :

    • ufm configuration delete

    • ufm configuration export

    • ufm configuration fetch

    • ufm configuration import

    • ufm configuration upload

    • show files ufm-configuration

  • High-Availability

    • ufm ha configure

  • In UFM Multi-Port SM:

    • ufm multi-port-sm

    • show ufm multi-port-sm

    • ufm additional-fabric-interfaces

    • show ufm additional-fabric-interfaces

  • HCA Commands

    • ib hca-vl15-window

    • show ib hca-vl15-window


    • ib sharp dump-files-generation enable

    • ib sharp dynamic-tree-allocation enable

    • ib sharp dynamic-tree-algorithm

    • ib sharp ib-qpc-sl <0-15>

    • ib sharp ib-sat-qpc-sl <0-15>

    • ib sharp allocation enable

Client Certificate Authentication

Added support for pinning SAN with RegEx.

UFM Package

Integrated with UFM version 6.15.1-4

UFM HA Package

Integrated with UFM HA version 5.3.1-2


Integrated with UFM OS version 23.10.18-9

MFT Package

Integrated with MFT version mft-4.26.1-3


Integrated with MLNX_OFED version 23.07-0.5.1


Integrated with firmware version XX.38.2104 to resolve HCA overheating issue

For UFM Enterprise Changes and New Features, please refer to the UFM Enterprise User Manual.

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