Changes and New Features

NOTE: ConnectX-7 adapters firmware (with a new GPIO configuration) improves long-term ConnectX-7 operation, and it is strongly desired that all customers upgrade to 28.39.2702 (or later).




Added tab autocompletion in UFM CLI. For more information, refer to Getting Help.

CLI Commands

Added the following CLI commands:

In Docker Container:

  • docker load <image name>

  • docker pull

  • docker remove image <image name> <image version>

  • show docker images

  • show docker ps

In UFM Process Commands

  • ufm process health start

  • ufm process model start

  • ufm process telemetry start

  • ufm process sharp start

  • ufm process telemetry start

  • ufm process sm start

In UFM Plugins:

  • ufm plugin

  • show ufm plugin


Integrated with UFM OS version 24.01.18-4

UFM Enterprise

Integrated with UFM Enterprise version 6.16.0

UFM High-Availability

Integrated with UFM HA version 5.4.0-9

For UFM Enterprise Changes and New Features, please refer to the UFM Enterprise User Manual.

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