Appendix - Deploy and Run UFM Plugins

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Software User Manual v1.8.0

UFM plugins are service programs that can be dynamically loaded to extend the functionality of UFM Enterprise.

The plugins are Docker containers, and their life cycle is being managed by UFM.

Functions commonly added by optional UFM plugins include:

  • REST-RDMA (REST requests over IB to the UFM server)

  • NDT (NDT topo diff)

  • ALM (Autonomous Link Maintenance)

  • GNMI

The UFM plugin lifecycle is managed by UFM. It is the user’s responsibility to pull/load the plugin Docker container image on both master and standby nodes.

  • Add - The plugin’s data is copied to the host. In case UFM is running, it will be started.

  • Disable - The plugin is stopped immediately if UFM is running, and it will not start upon UFM start. However, its data is still accessible via the host.

  • Enable - The plugin is re-started immediately if UFM running or on the next UFM start.

  • Remove - The plugin is stopped, and all its data is removed.

  • Pull the UFM plugin image. Run:


    docker pull mellanox/ufm-plugin-ndt:1.1.1-17 

  • Alternatively, load the UFM plugin image. Run:


    image fetch sftp://root:123456@  docker load ufm-plugin-ndt_1.1.1-17-docker.img.gz

  • Review the plugin image.


    Show docker images  --------------------------------------------------------------------- Image                        Version   Created        Size    Digest --------------------------------------------------------------------- mellanox/ufm-plugin-ndt      1.1.1-17  2 months ago   1.59GB  <none>

  • Deploy the plugin. Run:


    ufm plugin ndt add tag 1.1.1-17 

  • Review the plugin settings. Run:


    Show ufm plugin  Plugin ndt:    Enabled:           Yes     Plugin tag:        1.1.1-17     Shared volumes:    /opt/ufm/files/log:/log,/dev:/host_dev     HTTPD port:        8980     HTTPD file:        Present     State:             running     CPU limit:         unlimited 


The plugin’s Docker container is started/stopped upon UFM start/stop. In case UFM is already running when the plugin is added/enabled, it will be started. While, in case it is disabled/removed, it will be stopped.

For the relevant CLI commands, refer to UFM Plugins and Docker Container.

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