Bug Fixes in This Release

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Software User Manual v1.8.0

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Description: Fixed the issue in CLI where customer information is being written to syslog

Keywords: CLI commands, syslog

Discovered in Release: v1.7.0


Description: Fixed issue where InfiniBand-InfiniBand links go to INIT - Failed Failover after enabling SHARP with PKeys

Keywords: SHARP, PKey, InfiniBand Link, Failover

Discovered in Release: v1.7.0


Description: Fixed issue where UFM loggings REST API omits additional contents of the log when it spans over multiple lines

Keywords: UFM Loggings, REST API, Span over, Multiple Lines

Discovered in Release: v1.6.1


Description: Fixed issue with Create History REST API while collecting SM Logs Error

Keywords: Create History, SM Log Error

Discovered in Release: v1.6.3


Description: Fixed issue with UFM events not appearing in remote syslog

Keywords: UFM Events, Remote syslog

Discovered in Release: v1.6.1

Refer to UFM Enterprise Software Release Notes for further Bug Fixes.

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