Changes and New Features

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Appliance Software User Manual v1.8.0

NOTE: ConnectX-7 adapters firmware (with a new GPIO configuration) improves long-term ConnectX-7 operation, and it is strongly desired that all customers upgrade to 28.39.2702 (or later).



CLI Commands

Added the following CLI commands:

  • In Docker Container:

    • docker exec

    • docker prune image

  • In User Accounts:

    • username root password

  • In UFM Plugins:

    • ufm plugin - Updated command

  • In NVP:

    • nvp set

    • nvp get

    • nvp dump

    • nvp apply

    • nvp apply force

  • In Chassis Management:

    • show version - updated command output and added a note

  • In Operating System License:

    • _shell - Added a note

Tools Plugin

Added Appendix - NVP


Integrated with UFM OS version 24.04.18-4

UFM Package

Integrated with UFM Enterprise version 6.17.0-6


Integrated with UFM HA version 5.5.0-9

MFT Package

Integrated with MFT version mft-4.28.0-95


Integrated with MLNX_OFED version 23.10-1.1.9


Integrated with firmware version XX.39.2702

For UFM Enterprise Changes and New Features, please refer to the UFM Enterprise User Manual.

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