NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Quick Start Guide v6.15.1
NVIDIA UFM Enterprise Quick Start Guide v6.15.1

Initial Configuration

After installing the UFM® server software and before running UFM, perform the following:

  • Mandatory Configuration:

    • Configure General Settings in gv.cfg

  • Additional Configurations Options:

    • General Configuration options

    • Quality of Service

    • Activate and Enable Lossy Configuration Manager (Advanced License Only)

    • Activate and Enable Congestion Control Manager (Advanced License Only)

In most common cases, UFM is run in management mode; the UFM SM manages the InfiniBand fabric. In such cases, the only mandatory configuration is setting the fabric_interface parameter.

The fabric interface should be set to one of the InfiniBand IPoIB interfaces, which connect the UFM/SM to the fabric:


fabric_interface = ib0

  • By default, fabric_interface is set to ib0

  • fabric_interface must be up and running before UFM startup. Otherwise, UFM will not be able to run.

For additional configuration options, please refer to the UFM Enterprise Additional Configurations.

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