NVIDIA UFM Enterprise REST API Guide v6.14.1
  • Description – these interfaces allow users to retrieve various sorts of jobs data in UFM

  • Request URL – /ufmRest/jobs

  • Main Operations


    Request URL

    All jobs

    GET /ufmRest/jobs

    Specific jobs

    GET /ufmRest/jobs/<List of JobIDs>*

    Job information

    GET /ufmRest/jobs/job-id/info

    Job information in JSON

    GET /ufmRest/jobs/job-id/info?type=full_json

    Sub jobs of a specific job

    GET /ufmRest/jobs/job_Id?advanced_information=true

    Parent jobs only

    GET /ufmRest/jobs?parent_id=null

    Jobs for system

    GET /ufmRest/jobs?object_ids=<list_of_systems>*

    Jobs for operation

    GET /ufmRest/jobs?operation=operation_name

    Jobs with a specific status

    GET /ufmRest/jobs?status=job_status

    Update job status

    PUT /ufmrest/jobs/status=Aborted

    Delete a job

    DELETE /ufmRest/jobs/<job-id>

    Abort all jobs

    POST /ufmRest/jobs/abortall


    *Values are separated with commas. e.g.1,2,3

  • Request Data – N/A

  • Response Example


    { "Status": "Completed", "Foreground": true, "Description": " Shows SNMP settings and status", "RelatedObjects": [""], "Created": "2017-04-25 14:50:29", "LastUpdated": "2017-04-25 14:50:36", "Summary": "show snmp\n\nSNMP enabled: yes\nSNMP port: 161\nSystem contact: \nSystem location: \n\nRead-only communities:\n public\n\nRead-write communities:\n (none)\n\nInterface listen enabled: yes\nNo Listen Interfaces.\n", "CreatedBy": "admin", "Progress": 100, JobsRESTAPIRev5.9MellanoxTechnologies35Note: Ifaninvalidoranon- existingsystemorjobIDwerespecified, anemptylistwillbereturned."Operation": "Provisioning", "ID": "1.1" }


    If an invalid or a non-existing system or job ID were specified, an empty list is returned.

  • Status Codes

    • 200 – successful operation

    • 404 – not found

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