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NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.13.0

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Description: When using the Dynamic Telemetry API to create a new telemetry instance, the log rotation mechanism will not be applied for the newly generated logs of the UFM Telemetry instance.

Workaround: In order to address the absence of log rotation for the new telemetry instance, create a new log rotate configuration file at /etc/logrotate.d/telemetry_instances.conf and configure it with the following content:


/opt/ufm/files/dynamic_telemetry/**/log/*.log {     su root root     compress     rotate 15     size 100M     missingok     copytruncate     notifempty }

This will ensure proper creation of all the new telemetry instances log rotation.

Keywords: Dynamic, Telemetry, Log-rotate


Description: UFM does not support HDR switch configured with hybrid split mode, where some of the ports are split and some are not.

Workaround:  UFM can properly operate when all or none of the HDR switch ports are configured as split.

Keywords: HDR Switch, Ports, Hybrid Split Mode


Description: UFM System Dump cannot be extracted from UFM 3.0 Enterprise Appliance host when running in high-availability mode.

To extract the UFM container system dump, run the following command on the host:


docker exec -it ufm sh -c '/usr/bin/ -o /opt/ufm/files'

This command extracts the UFM system dump files and stores them in the /opt/ufm/files directory, which can be accessed from the host.

If you have deployed UFM in high availability mode, run the following command on the host:


/usr/bin/vsysinfo -S all -e -f /etc/ufm/ufm-ha-sysdump.conf -O /tmp/ufm_ha_sysdump

This command extracts the UFM HA dump files and stores them in the /tmp/ufm_ha_sysdump file.

Keywords:  System Dump, High-Availability


Description: The network fast recovery configuration (/opt/ufm/files/conf/opensm/fast_recovery.conf) is missing when UFM is deployed in Docker Container mode.

Workaround: For activating the network fast recovery feature, contact support to provide the default configuration file and copy it to /opt/ufm/files/conf/opensm/fast_recovery.conf. Then, set the updated file path in opensm.conf (fast_recovery_conf_file) and enable the feature in UFM.

Keywords: Network Fast Recovery; Docket Container; Missing Configuration


For a list of known issues from previous releases, please refer to Known Issues History.

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