NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.14.1

SMTP configuration is required to set both the Daily Reports Tab and the Email-on-Events features.

  1. In the SMTP Configuration dialogue window, enter the following information:




    SMTP Server

    The IP or host name of the SMTP server.


    • If mail service is installed, localhost is a valid value for this field, but usually it cannot send mails outside the local domain.


    SMTP Port

    Default value – 25

    Sender Name

    The name that will be displayed in the email header

    Sender Address

    A valid email address that will be displayed in the email header

    Time Zone

    The default time zone for receiving sent emails is the server time zone. Users have the option to specify a different preferable time zone

    Use Authentication

    By default, this field is unchecked. If checked, you must supply a username and password in the respective fields

    Use SSL

    Default value is false – not using SSL


    SMTP account username


    SMTP account password

  2. Click “Save." All configuration of the SMTP server will be saved in the UFM Database.
    Click “Send Test Email” to test the configuration and the following model will appear:


    Attribute Description Recipients User can choose email from event policy and daily report recipients or enter any email Subject Email subject Message Email message The System Health window enables running and viewing reports and logs for monitoring and analyzing UFM server and fabric health through the following tabs: UFM Health, UFM Logs, UFM Snapshot, Fabric Health, Daily Reports and Topology Compare.

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