UFM Bright Cluster Integration Plugin

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.14.1

The Bright Cluster Integration plugin is a self-contained docker container managed by UFM and is managed by the REST APIs. It enables integrating data from Bright Cluster Manager (BCM) into UFM, providing a more comprehensive network perspective. This integration improves network-centered Root Cause Analysis (RCA) tasks and enables better scoping of workload failure domains.

The Bright Cluster Integration plugin can be deployed either on the UFM Appliance or on UFM Software.

For detailed instructions on Bright Cluster Integration plugin deployment, refer to  UFM Bright Cluster Integration Plugin.

The following authentication types are supported:

  • basic (/ufmRest)

  • client (/ufmRestV2)

  • token (/ufmRestV3)

  1. After the successful deployment of the plugin, a new tab is shown under the UFM settings section for bright configurations management:



    Fill the below required configurations: Parameter Description Host Hostname or IP of the BCM server Port Port of the BCM server, is typically 8081 Certificate BMC client certificate content that could be located in the BMC server machine under .cm/XXX.pem Certificate key BMC client certificate key that could be located in the BMC server machine under .cm/XXX.key Data retention period UFM erases the data gathered in the database after the configured retention period. By default, after 30 days.

  2. After you ensure you have successfully completed the plugin configuration, and that you have established a healthy connection with the BMC, navigate to the UFM Web GUI -> Managed Elements -> Devices


The following REST APIs are supported:

  • PUT plugin/bright/conf

  • GET plugin/bright/conf

  • GET plugin/bright/data/nodes

  • GET plugin/bright/data/jobs

For detailed information on how to interact with bright plugin APIs, refer to NVIDIA UFM Enterprise > Rest API > UFM Bright Cluster Integration Plugin REST API.

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