Bug Fixes in This Release

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.15.1

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Description: Monitoring endpoint not returning counters for an active interface

Keywords: Monitoring, Active Interface, Counters

Discovered in release: v6.15.0


Description: Inconsistent port format type returned from the UFM

Keywords: Inconsistent, Port, Format Type

Discovered in release: v6.14.1


Description: Port auto isolation failed to activate when a port consistently exhibited a high Symbol BER (1e-7)

Keywords: Port Auto Isolation, Symbol BER

Discovered in release: v6.13.1


Description: The UFM REST API endpoint /ufmRest/resources/ports provide inaccurate port state information

Keywords: Ports REST API, Port State

Discovered in release: v6.14.1


Description: UFM Fabric Validation "CheckPortCounters" failure

Keywords: Fabric Validation, CheckPortCounters

Discovered in release: v6.13.2

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