NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.15.4
NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.15.4

Sysinfo Plugin 

The Sysinfo plugin is a Docker container that is managed by UFM and comes with REST API support. Its purpose is to allow users to run commands and extract information from managed switches. This feature enables users to schedule runs at regular intervals and execute commands on switches directly from UFM.

The plugin takes care of managing sessions to the switches and can extend them if necessary. It also enables users to send both synchronous and asynchronous commands to all the managed switches. Additionally, it can intersect the given switches with the running UFM to ensure that only those switches that are on the UFM are activated.

The following are the possible ways plugin plugin can be deployed: 

  1. On UFM Appliance 

  2. On UFM Software. 

  3. Authentication 

Following authentication types are supported: 

  • basic (/ufmRest) 

  • client (/ufmRestV2)

  • token (/ufmRestV3) 

The following REST APIs are supported: 

  • GET /help 

  • GET /version 

  • POST /query 

  • POST /update 

  • POST /cancel 

  • POST /delete 

The Sysinfo plugin is responsible for extracting basic data needed to create a query. This is done using the following five fields:

  1. Switches - An array of switch IP addresses. If this field is left empty, the plugin will gather all switches from the running UFM.

  2. Callback - The URL location to which the answers should be sent.

  3. Commands - An array of commands that need to be executed.

  4. Schedule_run - An optional field used to set intervals for running the commands. The interval can be specified in seconds and can be set to run until a certain duration or end time. The start time can also be controlled.

There are additional flags for a configurable query:

  • ignore_ufm=True: Does not check the UFM for switches or intersect it with given switches

  • username: Overrides the switches' default username

  • password: Overrides the switches' default password

  • is_async: Rather than attempting to execute all commands simultaneously at the switch, the commands are executed one after the other in sequence.

  • one_by_one=False:Instead of sending results from each switch as soon as information is obtained, all data is sent at once to the callback. This change eliminates multiple small sends and replaces them with a single large send.

For detailed information on how to interact with Sysinfo plugin, refer to the NVIDIA UFM Enterprise > Rest API > Sysinfo Plugin REST API. 

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