Bug Fixes History

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.17.0

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Rev 6.16.0


Description: Fixed issue where following the UFM HA upgrade from version 5.0.1-2 to version 5.3.1-2, the ufm_ha_cluster config command wiped the root partition

Keywords: UFM HA Upgrade, ufm_ha_cluster config, Root Partition, Wipe

Discovered in Release: 6.15.2


Description: Fixed intermittent UFM REST API Failures

Keywords: REST API, Failure

Discovered in Release: 6.15.1


Description: Fixed manage_the_unmanaged tool failure

Keywords: manage_the_unmanaged, Failure

Discovered in Release: 6.15.2


Description: Fixed the issue in congestion control, where cc-policy.conf file remains unchanged following the upgrade of the container version ( with no changes made by the user)

Keywords: Congestion Control, cc-policy.conf, Upgrade, Container

Discovered in Release: 6.16.0-4

Rev 6.15.1


Description: Monitoring endpoint not returning counters for an active interface

Keywords: Monitoring, Active Interface, Counters

Discovered in release: v6.15.0


Description: Inconsistent port format type returned from the UFM

Keywords: Inconsistent, Port, Format Type

Discovered in release: v6.14.1


Description: Port auto isolation failed to activate when a port consistently exhibited a high Symbol BER (1e-7)

Keywords: Port Auto Isolation, Symbol BER

Discovered in release: v6.13.1


Description: The UFM REST API endpoint /ufmRest/resources/ports provide inaccurate port state information

Keywords: Ports REST API, Port State

Discovered in release: v6.14.1


Description: UFM Fabric Validation "CheckPortCounters" failure

Keywords: Fabric Validation, CheckPortCounters

Discovered in release: v6.13.2

Rev 6.15.0


Description: UFM Web UI does not display Network Map (stuck with "please wait" message)

Keywords: Web UI, Network Map

Discovered in release: v6.14.1


Description: When querying the ports, adding a cable_info=true as an argument will give cable information per port

Keywords: Ports, Query, cable_info=true

Discovered in release: v6.14.0


Description: Broken links REST API

Keywords: REST API, Broken link

Discovered in release: v6.13.2


Description: UFM error UFM NOT performed OpenSM polling for fabric changes more than 230742 seconds

Keywords: OpenSM, UFM Error

Discovered in release: v6.13.2-5


Description: UFM Enterprise installation under Ubuntu 22.04 fails on configure_ha_nodes.sh

Keywords: Ubuntu 22.04, Installation, configure_ha_nodes.sh

Discovered in release: v6.14.1-5


Description: OpenSM restarted when backup UFM lost power

Keywords: OpenSM, Restart

Discovered in release: v6.9


Description: UFM REST API returns wrong switch type for NDR unmanaged switch

Keywords: Unmanaged Switch, NDR, REST API

Discovered in release: v6.13.1


Description: UFM event is not generated for a switch down

Keywords: UFM Event, Switch Down

Discovered in release: v6.13.1


Description: UFM Web UI timezone issue when selecting Local Time

Keywords: Timezone, Web UI, Local Time

Discovered in release: v6.14.1-5


Description: Request for docker UFM HA support on Debian OS 10.13

Keywords: Docker, HA support, Debian

Discovered in release: v6.14.1-5


Description: UFM container CLI bugs

Keywords: CLI, Container

Discovered in release: v6.13.2-5

Rev 6.14.0


Description: After upgrading UFM new telemetry data is not being collected and presented in UI Telemetry tab.

Keywords: Telemetry, Coredump

Discovered in release: 6.14.0

Rev 6.13.2


Description: ufm-prolog.sh failure: hostnames are not found in the fabric after reboot

Keywords: Hostnames; ufm-prolog.sh, reboot

Discovered in Release: 6.10.0


Description: UFM Enterprise v6.13.1 server hangs intermittently, blocking UFM REST server, and UFM GUI


Discovered in Release: 6.13.1


Description: Reverted setGuidsForPkey APIs for supporting SHARP reservation (in case it is enabled)

Keywords: setGuidsForPkey, SHARP Reservation

Discovered in Release: 6.13.1

Rev 6.13.1


Description: UFM System Dump cannot be extracted from UFM 3.0 Enterprise Appliance host when running in high-availability mode.

Keywords:  System Dump, High-Availability

Discovered in Release: 6.12.0


Description: The network fast recovery configuration (/opt/ufm/files/conf/opensm/fast_recovery.conf) is missing when UFM is deployed in Docker Container mode.

Keywords: Network Fast Recovery; Docket Container; Missing Configuration

Discovered in Release: 6.12.0


Description: When using the Dynamic Telemetry API to create a new telemetry instance, the log rotation mechanism will not be applied for the newly generated logs of the UFM Telemetry instance

Keywords: Dynamic, Telemetry, Log-rotate

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0

Rev 6.13.0


Description: Rectified inability to modify user password

Keywords: User Password, Update, Fail

Discovered in Release: 6.12.1


Description: Fixed Client CTRL+C server disruption

Keywords: Client CTRL+C, Server functionality

Discovered in Release: Rest Over RDMA Image 1.0.0-21


Description: Fixed improper functionality of UFM UI Dashboard

Keywords: UI Dashboard

Discovered in Release: 6.11.0


Description: Fixed UFM Health configuration for periodic restarts of the telemetry

Keywords: UFM Health, Telemetry, Periodic restarts

Discovered in Release: 6.11.1


Description: Fixed UFM long upgrade time due to a large historical Telemetry database file

Keywords: Long Upgrade Time, Historical Telemetry, Database File

Discovered in Release: 6.11.0


Description: Show managed switches inventory data (Sysinfo) immediately after UFM initialization

Keywords: Managed Switches, Inventory, Sysinfo

Discovered in Release: 6.11.0


Description: Fixed UFM log rotation for supported Ubuntu OSs

Keywords: Log rotation, Ubuntu

Discovered in Release: 6.11.0


Description: Fixed UFM UI lockdown by adding protection to the failed path on backend side

Keywords: UFM UI, lockdown

Discovered in Release: 6.11.0


Description: Fixed remote syslog configuration in UFM Web UI to be persistent

Keywords: Remote Syslog, Web UI

Discovered in Release: 6.11.0


Description: UFM WebUI unresponsive after failover issue

Keywords: UFM, WebUI, failover

Discovered in Release: 6.10.0


Description: Incorrect Tier reporting in the UFM events

Keywords: Tier, Incorrect Report

Discovered in Release: 6.10.0


Description: Using GET All Modules REST API (GET /ufmRest/resources/modules), returns N/A in device_name.

Keywords: Modules, N/A, device_name

Discovered in Release: 6.9


Description: Upgrading to the latest UFM version (UFMAPL_4.8.0.6_UFM_6.9.0.7), the UFM WEB UI shows log and error messages with "invalid date."

Keywords: WEB UI, "invalid date"

Discovered in Release: 6.9


Description: UFM WEB UI - Ports REST API returns tier parameters as N/A in response

Keywords: WEB UI, tier, N/A

Discovered in Release: 6.9


Description: UFM monitoring mode is not working

Keywords: Monitoring, mode

Discovered in Release: 6.9


Description: Network map showing a link between QM8790 and Manta Ray leaf having BW of >20,000 Gb/s​

Keywords: Network Map, BW, 20,000

Discovered in release: 6.8.0


Description: UFM Starting and Stopping On Its Own Since Merge​

Keywords: Start, Stop

Discovered in release: 6.7.0


Description: Fabric health Old Alerts and events do not clear

Keywords: Fabric Health, Alerts, clear

Discovered in release: 6.8.0


Description: BER Not Being Read or Reported​

Keywords: BER, Not, Reported

Discovered in release: 6.8.0


Description: UFM UFMAPL_4.7.0.3_UFM_6.8.0.6 lists one of my skyways as "host" instead of "gateway"​

Keywords: skyway, gateway, host

Discovered in release: 6.8.0


Description: UFM Fabric health BER_CHECK warnings​

Keywords: Fabric Health, BER, check

Discovered in release: 6.8.0


Description: UFM failed to serve incoming REST API requests

Keywords: REST API, hang, unresponsive

Discovered in release: 6.7.0


Description: UFM APL 4.6 BER not reported (None) in event logs

Keywords: BER, events, log

Discovered in release: 6.7.0


Description: UFM health test: CheckSMConnectivityOnStandby should consider multiple GUIDs on a port

Keywords: UFM Health, SM connectivity, multiple guids

Discovered in release: 6.7.0


Description: UFM (container) is not starting after server reboot

Keywords: UFM Container, reboot

Discovered in release: 6.7.0


Description: UFM WEB GUI becomes Unresponsive and Event/REST API log stops printing

Keywords: Web UI, unresponsive

Discovered in release: 6.7.0


Description: IPMI console login connects to CentOS (UM docker OS) instead of Ubuntu (host OS) after UFM docker installation.

Keywords: IPMI; CentOS; Login

Discovered in release: 6.6.1


Description:  Wrong module (line/spine) label appears in effective BER event.

Keywords: Module; Effective; BER; Event

Discovered in release: 6.4.1


Description:  UFM failover is not working when bond0 is configured with IPoIB.

Keywords: Failover, Bond; IPoIB

Discovered in release: 6.6.1


Description: UFM software no longer supports license type "UFM APPLIANCE".

Keywords: License; UFM Appliance

Discovered in release: 6.5.2


Description: UFM stopped to discover topology on SuperPOD environment.

Keywords: Stopped; discover

Discovered in release: 6.5.2


Description: Memory leak discovered in ModelMain.py process.

Keywords: Memory leak

Discovered in Release: 6.5.1

Fixed in Release: 6.5.2


Description: CMP python error

Keywords: Python, error

Discovered in Release: 6.5.1

Fixed in Release: 6.5.2


Description: UFM license check of UFM permanent license generates invalid license status at the UFM Health Report.

Keywords: Permanent license; UFM health report

Discovered in Release: 6.5.1

Fixed in Release: 6.5.2


Description: Some commands appear for users with monitor privileges which are not functional. It is recommended not to use this user role.

Keywords: Monitor, permissions, user

Discovered in Release: 4.2.0

Fixed in Release: 6.5.1


Description: Performance degradation caused by OpenSM changing the default rate limit of management PKey (0x7fff) to 2.5 GB/s instead of 10GB/s.

Keywords: OpenSM, Degradation, rate limit

Discovered in version: 4.2.0

Fixed in Release: 6.5.1


Description: Each HCA is discovered and represented as a separate host. A host with multiple HCAs will be represented as multiple host instances.

Keywords: Fabric Topology

Fixed in Release: 6.5.1


Description: Email sender address cannot contain more than one period (“.”) in the domain name.

Keywords: Email, sender, period

Discovered in Release: 6.3

Fixed in Release: 6.4


Description: SMTP server username cannot have more than 20 characters.

Keywords: Email

Discovered in Release: 6.3

Fixed in Release: 6.4


Description: MellanoxCare service can now communicate with UFM (valid only when http communication is configured between MCare and UFM).

Keywords: MellanoxCare, http, https

Discovered in Release: 6.2

Fixed in Release: 6.3


Description: Opening UFM web UI in monitoring mode is now supported.

Keywords: Web UI, monitoring mode

Discovered in Release: 6.2

Fixed in Release: 6.3


Description: UFM Agent now is now part of the UFM web UI.

Keywords: UFM Agent

Discovered in Release: 6.1

Fixed in Release: 6.3


Description: UFM/module temperature thresholds notifications.

Keywords: Temperature thresholds

Discovered in Release: 6.1

Fixed in Release: 6.3


Description: Fixed an issue where UFM HA prerequisite script was checking for wrong Virtual IP port argument.

Keywords: UFM HA, prerequisite, Virtual IP, port

Discovered in Release: 6.1

Fixed in Release: 6.2


Description: Fixed an issue where MLNX_OS credentials were missing at the device "access_credentials" menu (the issue was detected on old Java based GUI). At the new UFM Web UI – MLNX_OS credentials are represented by HTTP credentials.

Keywords: MLNX_OS, credentials

Discovered in Release: 6.1

Fixed in Release: 6.2


Description: Fixed an issue where CentOS 7.5 was not recognized as RHEL 7 flavor upon installation.

Keywords: Installation, CentOS, RHEL

Discovered in: 6.0

Fixed in: 6.1


Description: Fixed the issue where ibdiagnet’s unresponsiveness when using the get_physical_info flag caused UFM to hang.

Keywords: ibdiagnet

Discovered in: 5.10

Fixed in: 6.0


Description: Fixed the issue where partition configuration was lost after upgrading to UFM version 5.9.6 and restarting the server.

Keywords: partitions.conf, PKey, configuration

Discovered in: 5.9.6

Fixed in: 5.10


Description: Updated report execution command in order to avoid the following false warning of wrong link speed during topology comparison.

Keywords: Topology compare report

Discovered in: 5.9.6

Fixed in: 5.10


Description: Fixed a memory leak of UFM’s main process when running multiple reports periodically.

Keywords: Memory leak, reports

Discovered in: 5.9

Fixed in: 5.9.6


Description: Fixed an issue where UFM reported false alarm about OpenSM irresponsiveness (sminfo command returned with failure).

Keywords: OpenSM, sminfo

Discovered in: 5.8

Fixed in: 5.9.6


Description: Fixed a web UI security issue by changing the SSL certificate RSA keys’ size to 2048 bit (instead of 1024).

Keywords: Web UI, security, certificate, apache

Discovered in: 5.8

Fixed in: 5.9


Description: Fixed UFM HA installation with non-standard file mode creation mask (umask 000).

Keywords: HA, umask

Discovered in: 5.8

Fixed in: 5.9

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