NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.17.0
NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.17.0

UFM Health Tab

Through UFM Health tab, you can create reports that run a series of checks on the UFM server.

Each check that is run for a report triggers a corresponding event. Events are also triggered when a report starts and ends. For more information, see Events & Alarms.

To run a new report, click “Run New Report”. Results will be displayed inline automatically.


You can expand the results of each check or expand the results of all checks at once by clicking the "Expand All" button.

To view only the errors of the report results, click the "Show Problems Only" checkbox.

The following tables describe the checks included in the report.

UFM Health Report Checks

UFM Configuration



Release Number

UFM software version and build.

License Type

Type of license, permanent or evaluation.

License Customer Number

The customer number provided by NVIDIA.

License UID

The UFM serial number provided by NVIDIA.

License Expiration Date

License expiration date for limited licenses.

License Functionality

Level of functionality enabled for the end-user, standard or advanced.

License Devices Limit

The maximum number of devices that UFM is licensed to manage. Note that it displays the current active and valid UFM licenses (not the sum of all valid licenses devices)

Running Mode

UFM running mode, Standalone or High Availability (HA).

When UFM is in HA mode, additional information is displayed for the master and standby servers.

UFM Processing




Status of the OpenSM service.


Status of the ibpm (Performance Manager) service.


Status of the main UFM service.


Status of the httpd service.


Status of the MySql service.

Memory Monitoring



Total memory usage

Percentage of total memory usage.

UFM memory usage

Percentage of UFM memory usage

CPU Monitoring



Total CPU Capacity

Percentage of CPU capacity available

CPUs Number

Number of CPUs

Total CPU utilization

Percentage of total CPU utilization.

UFM CPU utilization

Percentage of UFM CPU utilization.

Disk Monitoring



Disk <diskname>

Percentage of disk usage.

Fabric Interface



Fabric Interface

Name and state of fabric interface.

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