NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.17.1
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DTS Plugin

The DTS Monitor can be run either as a standalone tool or as a plugin within UFM. It collects all the endpoint information for DPUs and consolidates it into a single interface.

DPU Requirements

  • OS: ubuntu 20/22

  • BlueField: BlueField-2 or BlueField-3

  • DTS: version > 1.12

  • DPE service up and running

  • yaml configured with "DTS_CONFIG_DIR=ufm"

    • Add to the following line in file doca_telemetry_standalone.yaml

      • Command:


        /bin/bash", "-c", "/usr/bin/telemetry-init.sh && /usr/bin/enable-fluent-forward.sh

      • Command:


        /bin/bash", "-c", " DTS_CONFIG_DIR=ufm /usr/bin/telemetry-init.sh && /usr/bin/enable-fluent-forward.sh


you need to load the image on the UFM server; either using the UFM GUI -> Settings -> Plugins Management tab or by loading the image via the following command:

  1. Login to the UFM server terminal.

  2. Run: docker load -I

After completing the plugin addition and refreshing the UFM GUI, a new menu item, titled DPUs, will be added to the left navigation bar.


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