UFM Cyber-AI Plugin

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The primary objective of this plugin is to integrate the UFM CyberAI product into the UFM Enterprise WEB GUI. This integration would result in both products being available within a single application.

The following are the ways UFM CyberAI plugin can be deployed:

  1. On UFM Appliance

  2. On UFM Software

First, download the ufm-plugin-cyberai-image from the NVIDIA License Portal (NLP), then load the image on the UFM server, using the UFM GUI -> Settings -> Plugins Management tab or by loading the image via the following command:

  1. Login to the UFM server terminal.

  2. Run:


    docker load -I <path_to_image> 

Once the plugin's image has been successfully loaded, you can locate the plugin in the Plugins management table within the UFM GUI. You can then run the plugin by right-clicking on the row associated with the plugin.


After running the plugin successfully. You should be able to see the Cyber-AI items under the main UFM navigation menu:


For more details, please refer to the UFM Cyber-AI User Manual

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