UFM Telemetry Fluentd Streaming (TFS) Plugin

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.17.1 Download PDF

The TFS plugin is designed to extract UFM Telemetry counters from specified telemetry HTTP endpoints and stream them to the designated Fluentd collector destination.

The diagram below illustrates the plugin's stream flow:


The following are the possible ways the TFS plugin can be deployed:

  1. On UFM Appliance

  2. On UFM Software

For complete instructions on deploying the TFS plugin, refer to UFM Telemetry endpoint stream To Fluentd endpoint (TFS).

The following authentication types are supported:

  • basic (/ufmRest)

  • client (/ufmRestV2)

  • token (/ufmRestV3)

The following REST APIs are supported:

  • POST /plugin/tfs/conf

  • GET /plugin/tfs/conf

  • POST /plugin/tfs/conf/attributes

  • GET /plugin/tfs/conf/attributes

For detailed information on interacting with TFS plugin, refer to the NVIDIA UFM Enterprise > Rest API > TFS Plugin REST API.

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