User Management Tab

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.17.1 Download PDF

UFM User Authentication is based on standard Apache User Authentication. Each Web Service client application must authenticate against the UFM Server to gain access to the system. UFM implements any kind of third-party authentication supported by the Apache Web Server.

The default user (admin) has System Administration rights. A user with system Administration rights can manage other users' accounts, including creation, deletion, and modification of accounts. The system’s default user is the admin user.

To add a new user account, do the following:


  1. Click the “New” button.


  2. Fill in the required fields in the dialog box.


Each user can be assigned to one of the following Group (role) options:

  • System Admin – users can perform all operations including managing other users accounts.

  • Fabric Admin – users can perform fabric administrator actions such as update SM configuration, update global credentials, manage reports, managing unhealthy ports, and manage PKeys, etc.

  • Fabric Operator – users can perform fabric operator actions such as device management actions (enable/disable port, add/remove devices to/from groups, reboot device, upgrade software, etc.)

  • Monitoring Only – users can perform monitoring actions such as view the fabric configuration, open monitoring sessions, define monitoring templates, and export monitoring data to CSV files, etc.

To edit existing users accounts, right-click the account from the list of user accounts and perform the desired action (Change Password/Remove).


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