Changes and New Features History

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.12.1



v4.11.0 (UFM Enterprise v6.12.0)

Managed Switches - Sysinfo Mechanism

Added the ability to save switches inventory data into JSON format files and present the latest fetched switches data upon UFM start-up. The saved switches data is available UFM upon system dump. Refer to Appendix - Managed Switches Configuration Info Persistency

REST over RDMA Plugin

Introduced security improvements (allowed read-only options in remote ibdiagnet) and added support for Telemetry API. Refer to rest-rdma Plugin

Events and Notifications

Added support for indicating potential switch ASIC failure by detecting a defined percentage of unhealthy switch ports. Refer to Additional Configuration (Optional)

SHARP AM Multi-Port

Added support for detecting IB fabric interface failure and automatic failover to an alternative active port in SHARP Aggregation Manager (AM). Refer to Multi-port SM

UFM System Dump

Added support for downloading the generated UFM system dump. Refer to UFM System Dumb Tab


Added support for adding or removing hosts to Partition key (PKey) assignments (when adding/removing hosts, all the related host GUIDs are assigned to/removed from the PKey). Refer to Add Host REST API

UFM System Dump Improvements including Creating New System Dump API

Managed Switch Operations

Added support for persistent enablement/disablement of managed switches ports. Refer to Ports Window


Created a script to get TopX data by category. Refer to UFM Aggregation TopX file

Proxy Authentication

Added option to delegate authentication to a proxy. Refer to Delegate Authentication to a Proxy

UFM Initial Settings

Removed the requirement to set the IPoIB address to the main IB interface used by UFM/SM (gv.cfg → fabric_interface)


Upgraded the MLNX_OFED version to v 5.8-1.0.1

MFT Package

Integrated with MFT version 4.23.0-104

v4.10.0 (UFM Enterprise v6.11.0)

UFM Discovery and Device Management

  • InBand autosicovery of switchs' IP addresses using ibdiagnet

  • Discovering the device's PSID and FW version using ibdiagnet by default instead of using an SM vendor plugin

CPU Affinity

Enabling the user to control CPU affinity of UFM's major processes


Added support for streaming UFM REST API data over gRPC as part of new UFM plugin. Refer to GRPC-Streamer Plugin.


  • Added support for flexible counters infrastructure (ability to change counter sets that are sampled by the UFM)

  • Updated the set of available counters for Telemetry (removed General counters from default view: Row BER, Effective BER and Device Temperature.
    Now available through the secondary telemetry instance). Refer to Secondary Telemetry

EFS UFM Plugin

Added support for streaming UFM events data to FluentD destination as part of a new UFM plugin. Refer to UFM Telemetry FluentD Streaming (TFS) Plugin

General UI Enhancements

• Displayed columns of all tables are persistent per user, with the option to restore defaults. Refer to Displayed Columns
• Improved look and feel in Network Map. Refer to Network Map
• Added Reveal Uptime to the general tab in the devices information tabs. Refer to Device General Tab


Added support for PKey filtering for default session data. Refer to Get Default Monitoring Session Data by PKey Filtering.

Added support for filtering session data by groups. Refer to Monitoring Sessions REST API.

Added support for resting all unhealthy ports at once. Refer to Mark All Unhealthy Ports as Healthy at Once

Added support for presenting system uptime in UFM REST API. Refer to Systems REST API.

Deployment Installation

UFM installation is now based on Conda-4.12 (or newer) for Python v3.9 environment and third party packages deployments


Upgraded the MLNX_OFED version to v5.7-

Diagnostics Utilities

Added CLI commands for new diagnostic utilities


Updated NVIDIA SHARP software version to v3.1.1.

UFM Logical Elements

UFM Logical Elements (Environments, Logical Servers, Networks) views are deprecated and will no longer be available starting from UFM v4.11.0 (January 2023 release)

v4.9.0 (UFM Enterprise v6.10.0)

UFM Package

Integrated with UFM Enterprise v6.10.0

System health enhancements

Add support for the periodic fabric health report, and reflected the ports' results in UFM's dashboard

UFM Plugins Management

Add support for plugin management via UFM web UI

UFM Extended Status

Added REST API for exposing UFM readiness

Failover to Other Ports

Add support for SM and UFM Telemetry failover to other ports on the local machine

UFM Appliance Upgrade

Added a set of REST APIs for supporting the UFM Appliance upgrade

Configuration Audit

Add support for tracking changes made in major UFM configuration files (UFM, SM, SHARP, Telemetry)

UFM Plugins

Add support for new SDK plugins


Add support for statistics processing based on UFM telemetry csv format

UFM High Availability Installation

UFM high availability installation has changed and it is now based on an independent high availability package which should be deployed in addition to the UFM Enterprise standalone package.
for further details about the new UFM high availability installation, please refer to - Installing UFM Server Software for High Availability

v4.8.0 (UFM Enterprise v6.9.0)

NDR Support

Full E2E NDR including ConnectX-7 HCAs Family (Discovery and Monitoring)

Cable FW Burn

Add support for multiple switches with multiple FW images burning


Add support for monitoring and alerting on cable transceiver temperatures over threshold

Improve SM traps handling (offloading SM traps handling to a separated process)

Add option for setting events persistency (keeping max last X events) for showing upon UFM startup

Add option for consolidating similar events on the UFM Web UI Events Log View


Add support for failover to secondary bond port in case of IB interface failure

Add option to override SHARP smx_sock_interface based on UFM fabric_interface (gv.cfg)

Add option to set SHARP AM ib_port_guid based on UFM fabric_interface (gv.cfg)


Add support for tracking SM configuration changes (configuration history)

Add support for pkey assignment validation (for user defined pkey assignment only)

Client Certificate Authentication

Add option to push bootstrap certificate to the UFM via REST API

MFT Integration Enhancement

Add support for MFT based operation (FW burning, cable info) while m_key/vs_key are configured on SM

UFM Health

Add option for users to add customized health tests based on scripts (Python/Bash)

Web UI Enhancements

Add support for user defined modular UFM dashboard views (based on available list of pre-defined panels)

Add support for UFM dashboard timeline (for viewing historical dashboard views)

Enhance the dashboard inventory view for showing elements (HCAs, Switches, Cables, Gateways, Routers) by version

Add support for user defined modular UFM telemetry persistent dashboard (Telemetry View)

Adding option for viewing Web client data based on local client time or UFM server time

Add option to select UFM look and feel between dark mode and light mode (default is light mode)

Add support for hierarchical view when presenting the network map elements.

Add option for selecting the displayed columns for all data tables.

Add option for exporting all table data into CSV (not only the current displayed page data)

Improved view of the ports table (port name, speed and width)

Add option to show disabled/down ports

Add support for Web UI usage statistics collection

Add option for sending test email

UFM Plugins

Add support for running UFM plugins within UFM docker container

Add support for AHX monitoring plugin

Add support for TFS (Telemetry Fluentd streaming) plugin

v4.7.0 (UFM Enterprise v6.8.0)

IButils2 Package

Upgraded the ibdiagnet version integrated with UFM Appliance to v2.8.2 with temperature alarm/warning reporting

UFM Telemetry

Changed the Telemetry infrastructure from UFM Telemetry docker container to UFM Telemetry bare metal

Performance improvements for supporting telemetry on large scale fabrics (up to 216,000 ports fabric)

Live sessions enhancements – adding support for multiple telemetry sessions based on one UFM Telemetry instance

Add support for collecting historical telemetry (all fabric ports counters) by default

Unhealthy Port

Add option (configurable) for automatically Isolating ports which were detected with high BER

Add option to present unhealthy port table by the connection type (switch-switch or switch-host)

Add option to mark selected device as unhealthy

Add context menu options for selected unhealthy ports

UFM Plugins – REST over RDMA

Add support for REST API over RDMA plugin (allowing execution of UFM REST API requests over the InfiniBand fabric)

UFM Plugins – NDT

Add support for NDT (CSV formatted topology) comparison with UFM fabric detected topology

Fabric Validation Tests

Add context menu options for selected results of fabric validation tests based of UFM model objects (Devices and Ports).

Add support for Socket-direct mode reporting (Inventory)

Add support for SHARP Aggregation Manager health tests

Add support for Tree Topology Analysis support in UFM

Events Policy

Add new category for Events Policy – Security

Add new UFM events indicating Pkey assignment of GUIDs and removal of GUIDs from Pkey

Add new UFM events which are triggered when duplicated node or port GUIDs are detected in the fabric

Add new event for indicating switch down reported by SM


Add option to get topology via UFM REST API and stream it out to an external destination


Add option to assign selected virtual ports to a specified PKEY (via UFM Web UI)

Cable Information

Showing Link grade in Cable info

Network Map

Add support for network map topology persistency on server side


Add option to copy and paste tables content ( GUIDS and LIDS ) via UFM Web UI

UFM Authentication

Add support for token based authentication

SM Configuration

Setting AR (Adaptive Routing) Up Down as the default routing configuration in UFM / SM ( for new UFM installations )


Add Support for CloudX API in UFM for OpenStack integration and allow auto provisioning of the InfiniBand fabric

NDR Support

Add support for discovering and monitoring Nvidia NDR switches

UFM Plugins

Added a support to deploy and run UFM plugins.


Upgraded the MLNX_OFED version integrated with UFM Appliance to v5.5-1.0.3

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