Known Issues in This Release

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.12.1

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Description: UFM does not support HDR switch configured with hybrid split mode, where some of the ports are split and some are not.

Workaround:  UFM can properly operate when all or none of the HDR switch ports are configured as split.

Keywords: HDR Switch, Ports, Hybrid Split Mode


Description: After the upgrade from UFM-SDN Appliance v4.12.0 GA to UFM-SDN Appliance v4.12.1 FUR, the network fast recovery path in opensm.conf is not automatically updated and remains with a null value (fast_recovery_conf_file (null))

Workaround:  If you wish to enable the network fast recovery feature in UFM, make sure to set the appropriate path for the current fast recovery configuration file (/opt/ufm/files/conf/opensm/fast_recovery.conf) in the opensm.conf file located at conf/opensm, before starting UFM.

Keywords:  Network fast recovery, Missing, Configuration


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