Launching a UFM Web UI Session

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.16.0

Before accessing the UFM Web UI:

  • If required, you can change the configuration of the connection (port and protocol) between the UFM and the APACHE server in the file Change to conf/gv.cfg.


    ws_protocol = http or https ws_port = port number

  • To receive the configured IP in case you configured DHCP, run from the UFM®-SDN Appliance CLI the show interfaces eth0 command.


To launch a UFM Web UI session

  1. Launch the Web UI by entering the following URL in your browser:
    http://<UFM_appliance_IP> or https://<UFM_appliance_IP>


  2. In the Login page, enter your User Name and your predefined user Password and click Login. Once you have entered your user name and password, the main page opens, showing the UFM Dashboard.

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