NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.16.0

UFM reports provide summarized information about selected topics. Through the different UFM WebUI tabs, you can create reports that run a series of checks on UFM components.

The table below summarizes the types of reports and provides useful links for more information.

Report Type




UFM Health Report

A report that run a series of checks related to UFM server health, including CPU, memory, license, configurations and disk monitoring.

UFM Health Tab

Reports REST API

Fabric Health Report

Through the Fabric Health tab, you can access the fabric health reports. There are two kinds of reports:

  • Custom Reports - The user can generate a report that runs a series of checks on the fabric on demand.

  • Periodic Reports - An automatically generated report that is periodically generated by the UFM.

Fabric Health Tab

Reports REST API

Periodic Fabric Health REST API

Topology Comparison Report

Reports on topology comparison, available as:

  • Periodic Comparison - allows users to compare the current fabric topology with a preset master topology.

  • Custom Comparison - compares user-defined topology with the current fabric topology.

Topology Compare Tab

Topology Compare REST API

Daily Reports

The Daily Report feature collects, analyzes, and reports the most significant issues of the fabric in the last 24 hours

Daily Reports Tab


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