NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.16.1

The UFM consumer plugin is a self-contained Docker container with with REST API support, under UFM management. It serves as a Multi-Subnet consumer within UFM, offering all the functionalities available for Multi-Subnet UFM.

The Multi-Subnet UFM feature allows the management of large fabrics spanning multiple sites within a single product, specifically Multi-Subnet UFM.

This feature comprises two layers: UFM Multi-Subnet Provider and UFM Multi-Subnet Consumer (UFM consumer plugin).

The UFM Provider acts as a Multi-Subnet Provider, exposing all local InfiniBand fabric information to the UFM consumer plugin. On the other hand`, the UFM consumer plugin functions as a Multi-Subnet Consumer, gathering and consolidating data from configured UFM Providers. This enables users to manage multiple sites conveniently in one location. While the UFM Consumer offers similar functionality to regular UFM, there are behavioral differences concerning aggregation.

Upon deployment of the UFM consumer plugin, an additional tab is incorporated into the UFM interface.


After clicking on UFM consumer plugin UI, a new browser tab with UFM Multi-Subnet consumer functionality options is presented. Upon the initial launch of the UFM consumer plugin UI and in case there are no configured providers, a screen for adding providers (Provider Management) will be displayed.


The functionality of the UFM consumer plugin is similar to that of Multi-Subnet UFM. For further details, refer to Multi-Subnet UFM.

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