Appendix – UFM Telemetry Fluent Streaming (TFS) Plugin

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.9.0

TFS plugin is a self-contained Docker container with REST API support managed by UFM. TFS plugin provides Telemetry counters streaming to FluentD capability. As a fabric manager, the UFM Telemetry holds a real-time network telemetry information of the network topology. This information changes over time and is reflected to the telemetry console. In order to do so, we present a stream of the UFM Telemetry data to the FluentD plugin.

The following are the possible ways TFS plugin can be deployed:

  1. On UFM Appliance

  2. On UFM Software

The following authentication types are supported:

  • basic (/ufmRest)

  • client (/ufmRestV2)

  • token (/ufmRestV3)

The following REST APIs are supported:

  • POST /plugin/tfs/conf

  • GET /plugin/tfs/conf

For detailed information on how to interact with NDT plugin, refer to the NVIDIA UFM Enterprise > Rest API > TFS Plugin REST API.

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