Bug Fixes in This Release

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.9.0

For an archive of bug fixes from previous releases, please refer to Bug Fixes History.

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Description: Using GET All Modules REST API (GET /ufmRest/resources/modules), returns N/A in device_name.

Keywords: Modules, N/A, device_name

Discovered in Release: 4.8


Description: Upgrading to the latest UFM version (UFMAPL_4.8.0.6_UFM_6.9.0.7), the UFM WEB UI shows log and error messages with "invalid date."

Keywords: WEB UI, "invalid date"

Discovered in Release: 4.8


Description: UFM WEB UI - Ports REST API returns tier parameters as N/A in response

Keywords: WEB UI, tier, N/A

Discovered in Release: 4.8


Description: UFM monitoring mode is not working

Keywords: Monitoring, mode

Discovered in Release: 4.8

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