Changes and New Features

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.9.0

This section lists the new and changed features in this software version.


For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, please refer to Changes and New Features History


The items listed in the table below apply to all UFM license types.



UFM Package

Integrated with UFM Enterprise v6.10.0

System health enhancements

Add support for the periodic fabric health report, and reflected the ports' results in UFM's dashboard

UFM Plugins Management

Add support for plugin management via UFM web UI

UFM Extended Status

Added REST API for exposing UFM readiness

Failover to Other Ports

Add support for SM and UFM Telemetry failover to other ports on the local machine

UFM Appliance Upgrade

Added a set of REST APIs for supporting the UFM Appliance upgrade

Configuration Audit

Add support for tracking changes made in major UFM configuration files (UFM, SM, SHARP, Telemetry)

UFM Plugins

Add support for new SDK plugins


Add support for statistics processing based on UFM telemetry csv format

UFM High Availability Installation

UFM high availability installation has changed and it is now based on an independent high availability package which should be deployed in addition to the UFM Enterprise standalone package.
for further details about the new UFM high availability installation, please refer to - Installing UFM Server Software for High Availability

The following are the unsupported functionality/features in UFM®-SDN Appliance:

  • UFM Appliance Gen1

  • NVIDIA Care (MCare) Integration

  • UFM on VM (UFM with remote fabric collector)

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