NVIDIA UFM Telemetry Documentation v1.17.0
NVIDIA UFM Telemetry Documentation v1.17.0


NVIDIA ® UFM ® Telemetry platform provides network validation tools to monitor network performance and conditions, and to capture and stream rich real-time network telemetry information and application workload usage to an on-premise or cloud-based database for further analysis.

UFM Telemetry can be used to monitor the basic fabric port counters and network statistics at a relatively high rate, or a more exhaustive set of performance metrics at a lower rate (referred to as Bringup mode). It can be configured to save collected data to disk, to stream via a Fluent forward protocol, or to make the data available via an http endpoint in csv or Prometheus format.

UFM Telemetry is packaged both as a docker image and as a bare metal tarball package.

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