Changes and New Features

5T Technology (PTP, SyncE, and more) User Manual

Changes and New Features in this version



Export-only socket API symbols

Changed the default visibility of socIPoIB is temporarily unavailable when ket API symbols by hiding internal symbols and enabling export only functions. This change in the default library configuration helps to:

  • Substantially improve load time of the library

  • Produce better code quality by the optimizer

  • Reduces chances of symbols collision

C++11 Standard Support

Product source code is migrated to C++11 standard requirements.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes section.

  • As of version 8.8.x, VMA will stop supporting MLNX_OFED’s experimental verbs and MLNX_OFED versions earlier than v4.5-x.x.x.x

  • As of VMA v9.0.2, VMA will no longer be backward compatible with MLNX_OFED versions earlier than v5.0-

  • Multi Packet Receive Queue beta functionality is removed as of VMA v9.3.1

  • NVIDIA® ConnectX®-3 / NVIDIA® ConnectX®-3 Pro / NVIDIA® ConnectX®-4 / NVIDIA® ConnectX®-4 Lx adapter cards

  • RDMA experimental verbs library (mlnx_lib)

  • VMA v9.3.1 and up do not enforce the disable_raw_qp_enforcement option; use the CAP_NET_RAW option instead.


We recommend using libnl3 as it is the latest version and includes fixes related to libnl1


Bonding Active-Backup (mode 1) is supported with limitations shown in Known Issues section.


IPoIB is temporarily unavailable when working with MLNX_OFED v5.1 and above.

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